Twas a day or two, or even a week after Christmas
    and all through the house
not a creature was stirring
    except perhaps - the mouse.
Christmas was over!  Finished! Done!
    It had come and now it had gone,
    as quickly as it had begun!
It was only last week we were harried and hurried.
With so much to do
    we were anxious and worried.
The baking...
the shopping...
the cooking...
the wrapping...
Had taken away our precious time for napping.
Wasn’t it great to hear from old friends?
But now that it’s over,
    the friendliness ends.
How we searched and searched
    to get the right gift.
But I’ll bet that even this year
    Aunt Millie is miffed.
And all those cookies and candies and goodies I ate.
Whew! It’s a wonder I didn’t terminate!
Having fun (they say) makes the time fly.
But so soon!
So quickly!
    Christmas went by!
Just yesterday we shared our cheer-filled cup.
Now the gifts are unwrapped
    and the holiday’s wrapped up!
But in spite of the work and the worry and fuss,
    didn’t a little “peace and good will”
        touch every one of us?
That’s what it was all about — this Holy Day
    — the cares and pain of this world
        got pushed a safe distance away.
Christmas quieted all the voices of gloom,
    and gave your heart and soul,
        — a little breathing room.
Maybe your glad it’s all over.
Glad that it’s done!
But come on now — Admit it!
        Wasn’t it fun?
For a while at least we could forget all the wrong.
Wish each other good wishes
        and break into song.
We sang songs of angels
    who came from above.
We remembered in Jesus,
    God sent us his love.
The little things we did for others,
    did reminded us
        we are sisters and brothers.
But it’s over!
It’s done!
The time flew fast.
The Christmas we awaited,
    is now Christmas past!
The warmth of the season that cheered every heart
        now chills,
    as loved ones and friends depart.
Back to the every-day world we go.
It’s going to be cold.
    Oh yes, it’s GOING to be cold.
There will be sleet.
And there will be snow! By golly and by jolly
        there WILL BE SNOW!
Now into our fantasies “reality” reaches.
Back to all those pretentious political speeches.
More from officials who lie and shred paper.
And when asked for the truth will say:
    “I just can’t remember!”
And endless debates
    with all the details.
Who knew “what” when
and where are the e-mails?
Back to the worry about guns
        and bombs
        or a nuclear missile
that can blow you away like the down on a thistle.
Back to the chill we get
    as we talk about ISIS,
    and Syrian wars
    and refugees
    barricading walls
    and why do I suddenly feel like someone
        is watching me?  That I’m not alone?
    It’s probably one of those new fangled wonder toys,
        — they call it a drone.
So — on to a new year.
Pray “sanity” will be it’s goal,
and let’s hope we can all get real,
    before “super bowl”.
Back to our concerns
    that church attendance is shrinking
and that ghost-like foreboding
    that organized religion is sinking.
Christmas is over — what do we care.
    Back to our worries about bankrupt medicare,
    and the lingering evils of Obama Care.
Forget about Christmas.
    We need to be on guard,
for thieves who can drain every penny out
    of your precious gift card.
Then there’s the climate change.
Oceans rising.  Animals extinct.
And those few insidious irritants
    who keep telling us there’s absolutely
    NOTHING wrong with our environment.
Back to the opinionated, talking radio host
    spouting vicious violence
    and vile vengeance
    and venomous vindictiveness.
Back to concerns about needy people
    Street people   —   Poor people
    Abandoned children
    kidnapped children
    missing children
    unwanted children
    murdered children
    The abortionists
    The right to lifers
    Civil rights and Gay rights
    Missing husbands
    delinquent fathers
    battered wives
    and bag ladies
    medical marijuana
    The twenty dollar medical injection,
        that now costs well over a thousand dollars.....
    (And all of that happened in the twinkling
                            Of an eye).
    Back to Train crashes,
    Plane crashes,
    Computer crashes.
    Cars and trucks
     crashing into crowds of people.
So what’s the answer — what can we do?
If we don’t do something
        it will be our down-fall.
    I know ---- Let’s TRUMP them all!
Well hasn’t life become so sweet,
    when all of our problems
    can find their solutions
    in this morning’s presidential tweet.
We have thorny issues ahead of us,
    more prickly than cactus...
    There’s W-2 forms
    and year end taxes
    state taxes
    excise taxes
    import and export taxes
    school taxes
    and land taxes.
    county taxes
    but Congress now promises us a wonderful
        new years gift which will miraculously
        turn all those throny problems
    into a bowl of cherries ---- Tax Reform.
    This I’ve gotta see.
Christmas is over
    back to family bickerings,
    family feuds
    family  get-togethers
    family tear aparts
    broken families
    broken hearts
    hostages and homeless
    Victims of AIDS
            Of injustice
            Of inhumanity
            Of insanity
    And all who suffer by whatever
    their suffering may be called.
And as Jesus — the Prince of Peace said:
    “We are going to hear about wars
        and more wars
        and rumors of wars.”
He must have know about insane rulers
    who think they can have the world
    in their pocket,
    just as soon as they figure out how to put
    a nuclear war-head on an inter-continental rocket.
Yes........Christmas is over.
It is finished.
It’s through.
No more happy voices, wishing:
    “Merry Christmas to you!”
But I do wish that somehow,
    every now and then,
We could remember to say:
    “Peace on earth.  Good will to men.”
Or as the days ahead unfold
    we might hear on a midnight clear,
    “A glorious song of old.”
Or when we complain about things we dread,
we would remember — he was born in a manger
    with no crib for a bed.
And if our dreams be shattered
    and our hopes should fade,
we might recall the announcement
    the angels made.
But it’s over.
    Like our money - the day is spent.
Our next Holy Days — begin in Lent.
So here mid-crumpled paper
    and throw away bows,
we ponder time passing....
    How quickly it goes.
Christmas is over!
Done with!
Say AMEN!....
    But if only — we could do it again.
Maybe that’s foolish.
Absurd .....I know....
But from now ‘til next Christmas......
    we have 358 more days to go.
What was it that energized all our preparations?
    What filled us with invigorating
If someone sat you down and
    you were questioned:
“What was this year’s Christmas all about?”
    Could you explain what happened?
Would you say it was the tinsel and pine needles
        on the floor?
Or that you were given presents — galore?
Or that you partied and stayed out late?”
Or you ate too much and you’re now over-weight?
Or of music and carols  — you had your fill?
Or that you’re dreading receiving your credit card bill?
Wasn’t it more than that?
    A peacefulness....
    Close-ness and love?
Your spirit was touched with a quietness
     — from above?
And it was THOSE kinds of gifts
    that were the gold and frankincense and myrrh
with which you reached out to others,
    no matter who they were?
For a brief time,
    from your inhibitions
    you were free.
And you could hear things we seldom hear,
    and see things we seldom see.
As if a little bit of Bethlehem’s light,
    broke through
    and touched your heart.
Christmas is like a garland instead of ashes...
    Gladness instead of mourning.
And you can hear with your heart
    the good news of glad tidings.
Now.......... you mean to tell me,
        THAT “spirit of Christmas”
            is no longer alive?
Did it die at midnight of December
        twenty five?
The good will
The joy.
The cheer?
Is all of that dead?
What happened to the sugar plums
    that danced in our heads?
The blessedness
    and holiness,
    toward which we aspired?
Now that it’s over
    has all that expired?
    BECAUSE ..............WE LET IT GO!
Don’t you see?
Don’t you understand?
Do you get it?
Christmas has come and gone
    because we let it!
We made Christmas into a season or a day.
And God never meant it to be that way!
We set Christmas on the 25th of December.
A day,
    which very soon,
    we won’t even remember.
The birth of our Savior
    passes as quickly as it arrives,
because we do not make it a part of our lives.
Gone is the friendliness of hearts aglow,
because we are too willing
            to let Christmas go!
How much hurt could be healed.
We could ease the pain and sorrow,
If we but put Christmas
    into every tomorrow.
Well, the end of this poem is finally here.
And I wish you all
    a happy and blessed New Year.
I pray it be free
    from all fear and all woe.....
And that each of us
    might be UNwilling
    to let Christmas go!        Amen.







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