Like Christmas, Easter is surrounded with traditions both helpful and distracting. Ever wonder how the "bunny rabbit" became associated with Easter? The day on which we celebrate Easter is determined by the cycle of the moon.  Look closely at the moon on Easter evening and you will not see a "man in the moon" but a rabbit instead.

The dyed eggs we so painstakingly prepare date back to a time before the birth of Christ.  Decorated eggs were exchanged in the springtime as gifts wishing for the receipient happiness and the good fortune to have many, many children. An egg was the sign of birth and re-birth.

The traditions persist. Through the years, Christians appropriated pagan customs for their own use, turning them into symbols that represented certain aspects of their faith. So don't be put off by the "commercialization" of Easter, instead, apprpriate the traditions and let them speak to you about the meaning of Easter.  

Without Easter, everything we believe as Christians would be of no use whatsoever. How can you believe a gospel that ends in the grave with no hope of life eternal?  It was death that Christ came to defeat, the last enemy. It was death from which he sought to save us by his own death given as a sacrifice so that we might once again find the way to live life abundant. Jesus provided a way for us to find forgiveness for the things that bring death, that is sin! The power of sin, wrote the Apostle Paul, is death, but thanks be to God who gives the victory over sin and death through Jesus Christ.

So if you, your family or friends are into getting new clothes for Easter because that's the thing to do, so be it. Just remind them as they don their new apparel that through Christ we have the new clothes of righteousness to wear instead of the filthy rags of sin. If your family is into dying eggs, so be it. Just remember that as the egg was meant to be the sign of new life, in Christ we have new life and the possibility of re-birth. If the "Easter Bunny", the sign of spring, is the one who brings all those jelly beans and eggs, let it serve to remind you that just as the earth re-awakens to life in springtime, so it is that in Christ we are continually being re-awakened to life that is abundant and eternal. If you are somewhat put off by all the business Hallmark will make in selling you Easter cards, send out those greetings with a note reminding the recipient that Christ arose from the dead so that they might have life and let them know you pray for them.

Go ahead. Celebrate Easter. Celebrate the resurrection. Let the joy of the Risen Christ be in you and in ALL that you do!

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