Advent 2016

Seems like a lot of waiting going on this time of year.  Waiting for the stores at the mall to open. Waiting for the gift you purchased on the internet to arrive. Waiting just a little longer for the better sale price on what you wish to buy. Waiting for Christmas and Santa to arrive. Waiting for the annual Christmas letter from far away relatives so that you can catch up on the news about distant cousins. Waiting for one of the children at college to get vacation and come home for the holidays. Waiting for your best friend to make arrangements to spend time with you this holiday season. Waiting in your car for the traffic jam up ahead to clear.  Waiting in line at the grocery store, the bank or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Waiting for a report on some medical issue. Waiting for the surgeon to schedule your operation.

There are a thousand ways to wait and like many others you may have experienced them all. So it seems a bit odd that anyone should purposely designate a time to focus upon and celebrate waiting and yet, that’s exactly what the Church has done.  We call it Advent. Some even light candles to commemorate the day by day or week by week waiting that should be done. It’s a time to remember when there was a waiting time for the Messiah that finally occurred.  Now it’s a time to wait for his return. 

And so we wait.  But this waiting is meant to be filled with expectations for good, that is, if we are waiting properly.  That means that we need to be waiting with hope and high expectations and joy and love and peace. We need to make sure that our lives are in order and right with God and that God is not waiting for some change in our lives that should have been done months or years ago. This waiting is one that is the best of all.  It is better than that moment when you plug in the lights on the Christmas tree, or the moment you open that door and there is the long awaited friend, relative or son or daughter.  It will be better than the expression on the face of a loved one who opens the gift you gave and it is exactly what he or she wanted this year. It will even be better than the moment you sit down for Christian dinner and the whole family or as much of them as can be, are there around the table.

Advent is a time when we wait for all the wrongs to be made right, all the wounds to be healed, all the reasons that bring separation to be gone, all the world to know peace and every heart to experience the indescribable joy that only God can give.  So what are you waiting for?  Get with it.  Start waiting for an experience that will last an eternity and one that you literally will never forget.

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